Decentralize Advertising

Digital advertising was very effective in its early days, but the CPM for digital advertising is growing year-on-year now. The present advertising ecosystem relies heavily on a couple of technological giants, who have a "pseudo control" over the complete digital advertising industry, who reaps most of the benefits from it. Moreover, we believe attention to be a scarce resource, and soon the digital advertising strategies won't be as effective as it was earlier, as internet users are going to get more aware of their "attention spending". We believe decentralization of advertising industry can provide solution for a much better targeting for advertising strategies with a much better returns for the advertisers.

Marketplace for outdoor ads

Blinds, our flagship product, an open marketplace for outdoor advertising. Now buy and sell digital outdoor ad spaces and create audience engaging digital advertising campaigns, for digital advertising screens in real-time, without any intermediaries.


Build today, for tomorrow

Build by our in-house experts, our tech stack is future ready, packed with blockchain enabled devices and application. Use our proprietary plug-n-play hardware to aggregate your advertising screen on our marketplace. Use our proprietary application for deploying digital outdoor advertising campaigns, engaging with your audience and measurement of their ROIs post campaign's execution.


 “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

-John Wanamaker

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