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What's happening with advertising

The advertising industry is experiencing a massive change. TV impressions are shrinking, the cost of digital channels is rising, new privacy protocols have left digital and mobile attribution in shambles, and the industry is getting extremely centralized. It's not ideal circumstances, but the situation underscores how advertisers need to diversify their marketing mix or risk behind their competition. Fortunately, the advertising landscape has plenty of opportunity, especially when incorporating Out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

What did we find

Outdoor advertising can provide


Increase in online website VISITING


Increase in online website VISITING

What are we doing

We, at Vinciis, are building a new decentralized ad network. Our mission is to build new advertising technologies for the advertising industry, which is owned and managed by the advertising community. 

We believe the present advertising industry needs a more inclusive approach, where all the components of the advertising industry are involved in an inclusive way. That's the reason our technologies are built to be used by everyone involved with the advertising. Advertisers can connect with publishers for their ad space, brands can connect with Advertisers for their ad campaigns, and Audiences can interact with ad campaigns. 

What are we offering

We have built a suite of complete decentralized and open advertising technologies.


An Open Marketplace for advertising



An Application for captive audiences. 



A plug-n-play hardware for Digital billboards.



An API/JS library for digital advertising.


What's under the hood

All our offerings are built in-house, using open-source protocols and technologies.

We believe more transparency in the advertising industry can help a lot in increasing the efficiency of any advertising campaign. That's why we use decentralized web3/blockchain tech stacks in our products and services to provide better authenticity and transparency. 

In addition, we are working to make web3 technologies more acceptable for the present users. So our audience engagement strategies using our own technology provides a complete cycle for any advertisers to interact directly with their most loyal customers, without any intermediaries and without invading their personal space and time.

How did we get here???

Started as an Advertising Agency
Ran audience Engagement Campaigns


Alpha test
UI/UX enhancement live

2022 H2

Live Ads
Screen onboarding at scale
Web/Mobile API Launch
Initial Token Offering



Product Prototype Building 
Market Research and Analysis

2022 H1

Pilot run
Technical paper release
Community building
Integration with Ad networks


Mobile Application launch
Advertising Screen prototype launch
Pre-orders for Advertising Screen
Public trials of Advertising Screen

Our Proud Investors & Partners

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